Waking Up Early

When I google waking up early these were some of the headlines I read:

Benefits of Early Rising

Spiritual Benefits of Waking Up Early

Benefits of Waking Up at 5am

Many would agree that this habit is one that should be established.

Because waking up early is a trait of a productive person.

It’s a sign of a well-balanced schedule.

It signifies a polished and refined lifestyle.

Even the Proverbs 31 woman would suggest that rising early is a critical practice to develop and maintain godly living.

She rises also while it is still night and gives food to her household and portions to her maidens. – Prov 31:15

For the past couple of years, I have agreed with this concept of waking up early. I have pursued this desirable discipline of getting up before the crack of dawn to have my quiet time and get a head start on my day.

Now that we have moved, my family’s schedule has changed. Yet I have been, pridefully, trying to maintain my routine of waking up early. Some most mornings, tiredness would claim victory over my good intention.

My Daily Routine

5am – Alarm goes off
5:15am – Drag myself out of bed
5:25am – Sit on couch with Bible on my lap, forcing my eyeslids to stay open.
6:15isham – Close my Bible, immediately lose all recollection of what I just read, to spend time in prayer. The battle with my eyelids continues.
7:00am – Husband gets up. I get ready for the day – which usually means throwing on a pair of jeans and a shirt. Maybe brush my hair, maybe not.
7:20am – Go sit on the couch to have some “alone time” with my husband before kids wake up. This usually looked like him sitting in his chair on the computer while I sat on the opposite side of the room continuing the battle with my uncooperative eyelids.
7:45ish – Kids wake up. The day begins.
1:30pm – Lunchtime over. My littlest goes down for a nap. I find something for my daughter to do for an hour while I go take one too.
1:40pm – She’s bored and wants something else to do.
1:45pm – Go lay back down in another attempt to take a quick nap.
1:50pm – She’s bored and wants something else to do. Give up my attempt to take a nap.
7:30pm – About the time my husband gets home.
8:15pm – Kids go down to bed.
9:00pm – Kids give up their attempts at stalling bedtime and finally fall asleep.
9:15pm – I’m exhausted and want to go to bed. I haven’t seen my husband all day and he wants me to stay up with him for awhile.
10:30pm – Finally go to bed.
2:00am – My son is in my room next to my face asking for a drink of water.
5:00am – Do it again.

3 Reasons Why I’m Quitting Waking Up Early

  1. I wasn’t getting any sleep.
    I was exhausted all day long! I found that myself becoming quickly irritated and grumpy with my husband and children. Not ok!
  2. I wasn’t having focused quality time in the Word or in Prayer.
    This was my main reason for wanting to get up early. I wanted to have that time alone with God to soak up His Word and His presence. But, when I haven’t gotten any sleep, I must fight to stay focused – and I was losing that battle.
  3. I wasn’t having quality time with my husband.
    Since we’ve moved, his schedule has changed. He is going into work later in the morning, which means he is not getting home until later in the evening. If we wanted to have time together with just the two of us, it had to be later in the evening after the kids fell asleep.

Therefore, I’m quitting waking up early!!

I’ve found that setting my alarm for a little bit later solved many of my problems.

I still have my morning time with the Lord.

The tasks I wanted to get done before the kids woke up, I can do during naptime.

I have time in the evening with my husband.

And I don’t have to do it all under the weight of exhaustion.

I’ve found that I can be more productive, disciplined, polished and refined when I’m willing to let go of my prideful ideologies of perfection and acclimate to whatever schedule works best for my family. Even if that means NOT waking up early!