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Blogger, Worship Leader, and Inductive Bible Study Teacher who resides with her husband Casey and their three children in the beautiful Boise, ID area. One of her greatest passions is to see other women grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Scripture to Pray for the Lost

Praying scripture is a mighty and effective way to pray. Therefore we should be using scripture to pray for the lost people in our lives. That neighbor down the street. Our family member who is caught in the trap of addiction. That friend who was hurt by a past church [...]

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Move Forward In Faith While Frozen By Fear

I looked down at the incoming text message from my sweet, concerned friend, “Megan, you have two options. What do you want to do?” I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t think clearly. The circumstances I stood in left me completely frozen by fear. Neither option seemed right. However, I knew [...]

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I Believe In Resurrection

Easter is my favorite holiday because it's the day we celebrate the greatest event in all of history. When I hear the word 'resurrection', naturally I think of Jesus from the grave... or the rapture, or what happens when we go to be with the Lord. However, after a [...]

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Scripture to Pray For Your Marriage

A couple of weeks ago I shared some powerful reasons why we should pray scripture. Today, I want to follow-up on this idea and share some scripture to pray for your marriage.  My husband and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary this past week. We have journeyed through some [...]

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Why We Should Pray Scripture

Hi there! I was reading a post from Arabah Joy the other day which reminded me of the importance of having a strategy in prayer. So, today I want to share with you some of my thoughts about why we should pray scripture. This practice has had transforming effects [...]

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