About Megan Allen

Megan Allen is a wife and homeschool mom of three. She has been a student of God's Word through Inductive Bible Study for many years. Her passion is equipping other women to study the Bible for themselves using this method. She currently lives in the beautiful Boise, ID area with her husband Casey, their three children, and their dog Sadie.

5 Important Things to Pray for Daily

Prayer is powerful. Prayer changes things. In fact, Paul the apostle tells us to pray without ceasing! I, personally, have found it helpful to have a list of things to pray for daily. Having a prayer list helps me to pray strategically and consistently. I love this quote from [...]


Best Bibles for Women

I despise shopping. Especially for shoes. However, when it comes to getting a new Bible I can spend hours perusing online or my favorite Christian book shop. If you are in the market for a new Bible, here are a few of what I consider to be the best [...]


Great Scriptures to Memorize

I love sending my kids to AWANA. Maybe you have heard of it. It’s a program for kids that meets at different churches during the school year. The goal is to help kids hide God’s Word in their hearts by giving them scriptures to memorize. It’s awesome. Memorizing scriptures [...]

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Who Was Sarah in the Bible?

Who was Sarah in the Bible and what lessons can we glean from her life?  I love studying the different biblical characters. Taking a glance into their lives helps us to see that they weren’t all that different from us. They faced similar struggles that we experience today. Plus, [...]

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Tearing Down Strongholds

The Lord recently taught me a lesson in the importance of tearing down strongholds.  I have been struggling with one of my kiddos. She is so incredibly smart, and also very strong-willed. Which I know are strengths the Lord has given her. However, teaching and training these kinds of [...]

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Cast Out Fear the Right Way

For many years I thought the best way to cast out fear was by simply ignoring it. Every time an anxious thought came to my mind, I would push it aside and not allow myself to dwell on it. The problem with this approach was that the fear would [...]

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