About Megan Allen

Megan Allen is a wife and homeschool mom of three. She has been a student of God's Word through Inductive Bible Study for many years. Her passion is equipping other women to study the Bible for themselves using this method. She currently lives in the beautiful Boise, ID area with her husband Casey, their three children, and their dog Sadie.

Who Was Rahab in the Bible?

The Israelites were encamped on the opposite side of the Jordan River. Across the other side was the land that God had promised to give them. Joshua sent two spies over into the land to scope out the city of Jericho. Once they arrived in the city, they met a [...]

2022-04-27T15:38:08-07:00Bible Studies|

34 Beautiful Psalms of Comfort

One of the beautiful things about the Book of Psalms is that you will find many psalms of comfort. The Book of Psalms (found in the Old Testament) is a series of poems, and songs, that are meant for Christians to be sung out aloud. King David, the author of (at [...]

2022-03-06T16:07:35-07:00Bible Studies|

Summary of Colossians 2

In this summary of Colossians 2, we get an understanding of the dangers of false teachings. Especially those that give the appearance of wisdom. Paul's concern for the church in Colosse is understandable. There were believers among them who believed they must continue to abide by the Jewish customs and [...]

2022-05-14T12:31:19-07:00Bible Studies|

Summary of Colossians 1

Persuasive arguments. Deceptive philosophies. Our culture if full of them. In this summary of Colossians 1, we will see that they were just as common during the life and days of Paul as they are now.  So, what’s the answer? How do we, as believers, need to respond when these [...]

2022-05-14T12:30:26-07:00Bible Studies|

7 Psalms of Repentance and Forgiveness

The Psalms of Repentance show us how we can approach God in honesty and reverence, confess our shortcomings, and receive His mercy. We all know the feeling. That churning in the pit of our stomach when we know that we have messed up, sinned, and fallen short of what God [...]

2022-04-23T18:03:18-07:00Bible Studies|

Prayers for the Broken-Hearted

Prayers for the broken-hearted are so important. Some of the most painful times in our Christian journey are facing trials and tribulations of this world. They can leave us feeling empty, broken, and abandoned in our time of grief.  I believe that these times of uncertainty are the best time [...]

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