Bible Study Tips

Whether you are a new Christian wanting to learn some basics of Bible study, or you are a seasoned follower of Christ, we all have room to grow in our knowledge of God’s Word. Below you will find some Bible study tips and resources to help you develop and advance in your personal Bible study skills.

What is the Best Way to Study the Bible?

I get asked this question a lot. I always give the same answer…

“It depends.”

The best way to study the Bible depends on what works best for you and what fits your needs and personality. Are you a new believer? You may want to use a method that would give you some Bible study tips for beginners. If you have been following the Lord for a while, you may be ready to dig deeper into things like word studies and historical and cultural settings.

Are you a paper and pencil kind of person? Or do you prefer to do things digitally?

All this plays into what methods and systems you use for Bible study. I suggest you try a few different tools and methods til you find your own system that sticks.

Bible Study Methods, Tips, and Resources

Here is a list of the different tips, methods, and resources you will find here at Megan Allen Ministries.

Bible Study Methods

Bible study methods help us to be intentional in how we study God’s Word. There are many different methods you can choose from. Here are just a few fun ways to study the Bible.

  • Inductive Bible Study Method – This is my personal favorite. In fact, the other methods in this list are rooted in the inductive method. The inductive method uses a 3-step process of observation, interpretation, and application.
  • Topical Method of Bible Study – Use this method for studying any specific topic in the Bible. Check out the topical Bible study plan.
  • Chapter Study – Learn how to do an in-depth study of any chapter in the Bible.
  • Character Study – Discover how the different Biblical characters weren’t all that different from us today. Learn how to study their stories and apply them to your own life.
  • Praise SOAP Method of Bible Study – This is a great Bible study method for busy women. Make a meaningful connection with the Lord in 15 minutes or less.
  • How to Study the Parables of Jesus – Learn more about the Parables and get some tips for how we are to study them.
  • How to Study the Psalms – Learn more about the 5 books of the Psalms, how they are structured, and how to study them.

Tips for Bible Study

Here are some Bible study tips to help you be successful in studying the Bible for yourself.

Resources for Studying the Bible

Here are some more great Bible study resources for you and your family.

Bible study tips, methods, resources

More Places to Find Bible Study Tips

Here are a few other places online to find more Bible study tips and resources.