Bible Verses About the Power of Prayer

Have you ever struggled with a situation and after trying all sorts of different things, you decide the only thing left to do is pray?  So often we forget that the first thing we should do is pray!  We are going to dive into some Bible verses about the power of prayer and look at some examples of the power of prayer in the Bible.

But, before we get started, we need to create a working definition of prayer.  We often think of prayer looking like a person kneeling beside their bed, or kneeling in church with their eyes closed and their head bowed with hands folded.  

Prayer can also be a conversation you have with God in your mind, almost like thinking out loud in your head.  Prayer can also be a quick “help me, Jesus” when you’re in a tight spot.  In its simplest form, prayer is simply a conversation with God.  

When you think about how easy it is to pray when you don’t have to be in church or kneeling beside your bed, you can begin to understand the amazing power of prayer that is always available to you.

How Does Prayer Give Us Power?

When you pray, you are opening up the communication between you and God.  In a sense, you are asking for Divine intervention.  Whether you are praising God, or making a request, you are inviting Him into your thoughts and life.  

Praying doesn’t bring God closer to you, it brings you closer to Him.  He doesn’t have to be convinced to pay attention to you, but He will wait until you invite Him into your life.  

When you pray, you are tapping into the power of God.  By acknowledging Him and asking Him to help you, you allow Him to be a part of your life and give Him permission to work mightily in your situation.  

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10 Bible Verses About the Power of Prayer

If you spend time reading the Bible, you will discover story after story, verse after verse about the power of prayer.  When you pray, God can provide answers to your prayers, healing, success, and blessings.  

Knowing this, the first thing we should do whenever we encounter a difficult situation or see a blessing is to pray to God and build that relationship with Him.  He is not a genie in a bottle that you can just call on whenever you need something and have your wish granted. 

Here are 10 Bible verses about the power of prayer to get you started:

  • Matthew 26:41 – pray that you don’t enter into temptation
  • Luke 1:37 – with God nothing is impossible
  • Hebrews 4:16 – God asks us to pray confidently
  • Psalm 34:17 – God will answer our prayers
  • John 16:23-24 – ask and you will receive
  • Matthew 17:20 – if you have faith the size of a mustard seed
  • Matthew 6:7-8 – God knows your needs before you ask
  • 1 John 5:14-15 – we can confidently ask of God
  • Psalm 107:28-30 – God can bring you out of your distress
  • 2 Chronicles 7:14 – God promises to forgive and heal

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Examples of the Power of Prayer in the Bible

The Bible is filled with examples of the power of prayer!  From the very beginning of the Bible to the end, there are stories of people praying to God and God answering their prayers.  Stories of people who were sick and were healed. People who were running away and afraid, and God heard their fears.

Here are just three of the stories of the power of prayer in the Bible.  There are pages and pages of additional examples throughout the pages of Scripture.  

David’s Prayers for Deliverance

When you read the Psalms and also the chapters about David, you will find a theme of David getting into scrapes and difficult situations.  He had been anointed as the new king but the old king was still on the throne and out to get him.  (1 Samuel 18:10)

Over and over again, David prayed for wisdom, deliverance, and for a clean heart to follow God.  The more he prayed, the more he became a man after God’s heart. Even though he made huge mistakes, he continued to seek God and follow Him.  

Daniel’s Prayers of Commitment

If you remember the story of Daniel and his three friends who were stolen away from their families and their homeland, they continued to pray even through difficult times.  Even when Daniel was threatened with being thrown into the lion’s den if he kept on praying, he continued to pray every day just as he had been doing for years.  

Even though he was sent to the lion’s den, God closed the mouths of the lions, and Daniel was not hurt.  His prayerful commitment to God was an example to the whole nation!

Stephen’s Prayers

You may think that just because a person has a prayerful relationship with God, He will always answer their prayers the way they desire.  In the New Testament, there are numerous stories of his disciples being killed for their faith and testimony.

So does this mean that their prayers weren’t answered?  Probably not the way they wished.  Most people don’t wish for death.  But they trusted God no matter what the outcome was.  God had promised them eternal life and life on this earth wasn’t the final answer.  

Through Stephen’s witness, Saul (Paul) became converted and completely changed his life from a life of persecuting the Christians to a follower of Jesus.  

Understanding the Power of Prayer Today

As you read examples of answered prayer in the Bible and believe in the power of prayer, your prayers will likely take on a different focus.  When you understand the power of prayer that is available to you today, you can trust that the God who answered prayers thousands of years ago is just as eager to hear and answer your prayers today.  

Each of these Bible verses on prayer and faith can encourage you to continue to seek God’s will in your life.  As you discover Bible verses about prayer during hard times, such as Stephen’s prayers, you will also understand that the act of praying to God will bring you comfort even if the outcome isn’t what you’ve prayed for.  

Bible Verses About the Power of Prayer

Search your Bible for more powerful prayers and let them help your understanding of the power of prayer in your everyday life.  God wants to hear from you and work in your life today.

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