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The Meaning of Ephesians 3

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? The best part is when the mystery is revealed, right? In this summary of Ephesians 3 we will learn the meaning behind the greatest mystery of all! What is the Meaning of Ephesians 3? The overlying theme of Ephesians chapter 3 is to reveal the mystery that has been …

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Bible Verses About Contentment

What can we complain about today? In a world of social medial bullying and cancel culture, we find that grumbling and complaining seem to be the norm.  I wonder what ever happened to encouraging others instead of tearing them down? And how do you even develop such a mindset? Could the secret be found in Bible …

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Summary of Ephesians 2

How are you walking? Does your life look similar to the lives of those who belong to the world? Or does your life reflect the beauty of one called out of darkness and into marvelous light? As we begin this summary of Ephesians chapter 2, these are the questions I want us to consider. This …

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