Who Was Martha In The Bible?

Ever been so consumed with a project that you forgot the real reason you started did it? Martha in the Bible and I would relate to you. It’s natural to want everything to be perfect, but we have to put it in proper perspective, nothing is ever perfect. In this [...]

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Best Devotionals for Women

Do you crave God's Word?  Here are just a few of the best devotionals for women available today that are designed to help us feed on His Word consistently and faithfully. The Bible says that His word is life to us. It is bread to our souls. His truth is [...]


The Importance of Praying for Your Pastor

Praying for your pastor is one of the greatest ways you can bless and support them. Praying for our pastors and leaders is a habit that we should all be disciplining ourselves in. I’ll be the first to admit that I have not been praying for the leaders in my [...]


How to Do A Bible Word Study

I love a good Bible word study! They are great for helping us gain a deeper understanding of what the scriptures are saying. We are living in times when truth does not like to be defined. Many things that were once considered right or wrong and black and white have [...]

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Devotion: The Best Way to Spend My Life

I’ve been considering Paul this week. Actually, Saul. In Philippians chapter 3 we see a glimpse of Saul’s life. It says that he was a Hebrew among Hebrews. He was a Pharisee (a highly respected teacher of the law). He was righteous according to the law. A persecutor of the [...]

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