Summary of Philippians 1

It is possible to find joy in the midst of suffering? In this summary of Philippians chapter 1, we will see that joy does not have to be determined by our circumstances. The source of true joy is found as we pursue and seek after God’s kingdom; it’s in knowing [...]

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Lessons from Mary Magdalene in the Bible

Being called a prostitute would be bad enough if you are one, imagine being referred to like this when it’s not true. Even though Mary Magdalene didn’t know about the reference, it has put a stain upon her name for many years. The story of Mary Magdalene in the Bible [...]

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The Meaning of Psalm 27

It’s easy to trust the Lord when life is easy.  It’s in the moments of trial and hardship that our faith is tested. As we look at the meaning of Psalm 27, we see a man who gives us a great example of this type of struggle. King David endured [...]

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Lessons from Eve in the Bible

Eve. The mention of her name unleashes a flood of adjectives to the mind of those who’re familiar with her story. Primarily known for being the poster child for temptation, Eve in the Bible is one of the most prominent women in Christianity and the world. Her life has been [...]

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What Does the Bible Say About Unity?

We are living in a time when division seems to be waiting around every corner. I believe we need to seek a deeper understanding of what the bible says about unity, especially within the church. I’m fully convinced that this is a crucial component in our ambition to effectively bring [...]

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