I love how a good book has the ability to encourage and provoke me to take another step towards godliness. There is so much wisdom to be gained and insight to consider. So many lessons we can learn through the lives, trials, and victories of those who have taken the time to write down their thoughts and their stories. Here are 10 must-read books for Christian women that I recommend reading.

Books Every Christian Women Should Read in 2021

Here are a few different categories of the top Christian books for women. They are divided into 3 different topics.

  • Books on being a Godly woman
  • Christian books for wives
  • Christian books for moms

Books on Being A Godly Woman

These books are great for all Christian women who want to grow in their faith and godly conduct.

1. Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Walgemuth

We adorn the beauty of the gospel as we allow the beauty of the gospel to adorn us. This book is inspired by scriputres in Titus 2 and details the beauty and the power of older women and younger women living alongside each other for the glory of God. Learn how and why God designed us to live in community, and discover ways to take your relationships with other women to new depths. Nancy also has her Revive Our Hearts podcast that I love!

2. Switch On Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf

This one has life-changing potential. Ever heard of neuroplasticity? Me neither. At least not before I read this book! What neuroplasticity means, basically, is that we have the power to change the physical makeup of our brain. You may have heard something like “the power of positive thinking”. This book kinda falls into that category. Except that the author, Dr. Caroline Leaf helps us to see if from scientific and Biblical perspectives. Leaf takes you through a 21-day, 5-step process of transforming your mind by taking your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ.

3. Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

This book not only helped me to realize the importance of learning to say ‘no’, but also saying ‘no’ to the right people and things. The world wants us to embrace a life of chaos, stress, and busyness. In this book Shauna helps us to realize the futility of the world’s ways and shows us a much better alternative. Discover a more simple, restful, peaceful, and intentional way of living. A life of deep connection and relationship with the people who matter most.

4. Just Like Us by Jennifer Hayes Yates

This book takes a look into the lives of different women from the Bible. Do you find it hard to relate to the problems and circumstances that many women in the Bible faced? This book will open your eyes to see how the stories of these women are relevant for women today. I was very encouraged by this book. It reminded me that many of the problems and trials I face today are nothing new. God has always been and will continue to be faithful in walking with us through every circumstance we find ourselves in.

Christian Books for Wives

These books are geared towards helping wives grow in building a godly marriage and encouraging their husbands.

5. Cherish by Gary Thomas

Move from surviving to thriving in marriage. This book was a great encouragement to me.  It helped get me out of the rut of simply going through the motions and learning to enjoy my husband. Gary Thomas shares practical advice and examples from real-life stories to encourage couples to cherish each other the way God cherishes us in Christ.

6. The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

This book belongs on every Christian woman’s bookshelf. This book gives us a great and exhaustive look into womanhood from a Biblical perspective. More than any other, this book encouraged and challenged me to really consider how I view my role and purpose as a wife, mother, and woman who wants to live in a way that honors God and brings Him glory. A must read!

7. Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe by Sharon Jaynes

This amazing little book guides you through 30 days of praying scripture over your husband. Each day you start by praying for his head (his mind). Then work your way down to his eyes, his ears, his mouth, his back, etc. until you have covered your husband in prayer from head to toe. I’ve seen the Lord work in some amazing ways by answering the prayers I prayed from this book. You have authority in prayer over your husband in a way that no one else does. You are one flesh with him. Use this book to help you pray for your husband in powerful ways.

Christian Books for Moms

This last group of books is for moms who want to raise thankful, godly, and courageous kids in this generation and time we are living in.

8. The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

Struggling to find purpose in the never-ending laundry, wiping snotty noses, changing diapers, and washing that enormous stack of dirty dishes? This book helped me to discover meaning in the mundane of everyday life. Learn how to teach and train your children after the pattern we see through Jesus with His disciples. This book offers great encouragement for the mom who is weary with the tasks of motherhood.

9. Becoming Mom Strong by Heidi St. John

This book encourages women in our daily struggle to walk in the strength of the Lord, while also imparting that strength to our kids. Our children face a wide variety of social and cultural challenges in today’s world. As moms, we must be discerning equipped to train our children in godliness and righteousness. This book gives some great encouragement, prayer points, and practical advice for us moms to raise our kids in the way we have been called to.

10. Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

I found myself laughing multiple times as I read through this book – just because I could relate so much. This book helped me to realize the power of the word ‘no’ to my kids. This book gives great and practical encouragement for teaching our kids the difference between wants and needs and training them to be thankful.

Great Chrisitan Women Authors

There are many amazing Christian women authors. Here are just a few others who are not listed in the titles above. Some of these authors also write Bible study and devotional books for women.

  • Priscilla Shirer
  • Kay Arthur
  • Jennie Allen
  • Lysa TerKeurst
  • Emilie Barnes
  • Elizabeth Elliot
  • Elizabeth George
  • Dannah Gresh
  • Christine Caine
  • Beth Moore

books for Christian women

Summary of Books for Christian Women

Here is a quick list of the books for Chrisitan women mentioned in this article.


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