Why Yes Always Means No

Today, I want to talk a little with you about why yes always means no. A while back I discerned something quite tragic. My husband and my children were not getting enough of me. Let me rephrase... My husband and children were not getting enough of the undistracted, full-hearted, unhurried, [...]

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All Christian Women Are Called To Ministry

All Christian women are called to ministry. We have the Holy Spirit and His kingdom dwelling within us. We have the commandment to go into all the world to make disciples of nations.  Therefore, we have officially been called to ministry! When my family and I first attended our [...]

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Practice Being Present

My neighbor's sprinklers come on at exactly 4:30 every afternoon. As I sit on the patio watching my kids ride their bikes, I can feel it spray on my face as the wind blows it over our fence. My toddler's favorite song to sing right now is Happy Birthday. Random [...]

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