Cast Out Fear the Right Way

For many years I thought the best way to cast out fear was by simply ignoring it. Every time an anxious thought came to my mind, I would push it aside and not allow myself to dwell on it. The problem with this approach was that the fear would [...]

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Crucial Reasons for Renewing My Mind Daily

I came across this quote recently.  I thought it was a great reminder of the importance of renewing my mind daily. I have been struggling with one of my kiddos. She has been having some behavior issues. She is so incredibly smart, and also very strong-willed. Which I know are [...]

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Why We Should Love the Unlovable

What happens when we love the unlovable people in our lives? Maybe it's that neighbor whose dog is always barking at 6 am. Or possibly a co-worker who recently stepped on your toes for their gain. Perhaps it's that woman at church who never has anything positive to say. [...]

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All Christian Women Are Called To Ministry

All Christian women are called to ministry. We have the Holy Spirit and His kingdom dwelling within us. We have the commandment to go into all the world to make disciples of nations.  Therefore, we have officially been called to ministry! When my family and I first attended our [...]

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