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Move Forward In Faith While Frozen By Fear

I looked down at the incoming text message from my sweet, concerned friend, “Megan, you have two options. What do you want to do?” I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t think clearly. The circumstances I stood in left me completely frozen by fear. Neither option seemed right. However, I knew [...]

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I Believe In Resurrection

Easter is my favorite holiday because it's the day we celebrate the greatest event in all of history. When I hear the word 'resurrection', naturally I think of Jesus from the grave... or the rapture, or what happens when we go to be with the Lord. However, after a [...]

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Why We Should Love the Unlovable

What happens when we love the unlovable people in our lives? Maybe it's that neighbor whose dog is always barking at 6 am. Or possibly a co-worker who recently stepped on your toes for their gain. Perhaps it's that woman at church who never has anything positive to say. [...]

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When The Name Of The Pain Is Shame

A couple weeks ago, a certain detail of my former life (before Christ) made an attempt to sneak its way into the new. I won’t go into details. It’s an ugly part of my past, which unfortunately was self-induced through a series of lies and bad choices. It is something [...]

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