Scripture to Pray For Your Marriage

A couple of weeks ago I shared some powerful reasons why we should pray scripture. Today, I want to follow-up on this idea and share some scripture to pray for your marriage.  My husband and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary this past week. We have journeyed through some [...]

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Why Yes Always Means No

Today, I want to talk a little with you about why yes always means no. A while back I discerned something quite tragic. My husband and my children were not getting enough of me. Let me rephrase... My husband and children were not getting enough of the undistracted, full-hearted, unhurried, [...]

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Practice Being Present

My neighbor's sprinklers come on at exactly 4:30 every afternoon. As I sit on the patio watching my kids ride their bikes, I can feel it spray on my face as the wind blows it over our fence. My toddler's favorite song to sing right now is Happy Birthday. Random [...]

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