Scripture Prayers for Your Marriage

My husband and I just celebrated our 16th anniversary this week. We have journeyed through some high highs and some low lows. We have had those moments of being completely smitten - when loving each other felt simple and effortless. Then, we have had moments of great trial - [...]


Scriptures to Pray for the Lost

As Christians, we know that prayer is powerful. Therefore we should be using scripture to pray for the lost people in our lives. That neighbor down the street. Your family member caught in the trap of addiction. That friend who was hurt by a past church experience. We all [...]


Scriptures to Pray for Your Child

Our world is becoming increasingly chaotic. As moms, our thoughts and concerns of what the future may hold for our children can be a source of fear and anxiety. Although there are many things that are out of our control, God has equipped us with the power of prayer. [...]


How to Make a Prayer Binder

One of the greatest ways for us to effect change within our circumstances and relationships is by talking to God about them. Strategic prayer is a powerful way for us to involve God’s kingdom work in and among our lives and the lives of others.  Having a place to [...]


How to Pray Without Ceasing

As believers, we know that prayer is important. We set aside time in our day to spend talking with the Lord about what’s on our hearts. We gather together with other believers to pray for specific events, circumstances, and people within our own lives and within the world. However, [...]


Pray Scripture for a Powerful Prayer Life

Does the Bible tell us how we should pray? Is there a right way to pray to God? These are important questions for us to consider. God wants us to come to Him in faith and sincerity. In Spirit and Truth.  Learning how to pray scripture has been one [...]


Tips for Creating a Personal Prayer Strategy

What is a prayer strategy? As children of God, we know that prayer is an important part of our relationship with the Lord.  However, It wasn’t until I watched the movie War Room that I understood the importance of having a specific and strategic plan for prayer. This movie [...]


5 Important Things to Pray for Every Day

If you have read the book Fervent by Priscilla Shrier, you have probably seen this acronym: P.R.A.Y.E.R - Prayer Releases All Your Eternal Resources. Prayer is powerful. Prayer changes things. Therefore, there are some important things to pray for every day. "Prayer is the portal that brings the power [...]

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