Bible Study Journal: Printable Resources to Make Your Own

Why should you have a Bible study journal? 

Have you ever had those days when you completely forget what you had just read in your Bible hours earlier? Or perhaps you have seasons of feeling frustrated with your own personal Bible study time because you don’t have a clear focus or plan. When you sit down to open your Bible you can’t remember what or where you were reading yesterday.

Having a place to keep all your Bible study journal templates and worksheets is a great way to help us stay focused and retain the information we are studying. It’s a tool for helping us grow in our ability to study and discern God’s Word effectively. It’s also fun to refer back to and remind ourselves of all that the Lord has revealed to us in His Word.

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What is Scripture Journaling?

If you were to search Bible journaling ideas, you just might be overwhelmed by the number of resources and tips on the internet world. There are tons of products out there.  A Bible study journal is simply a place to write out your notes, thoughts, questions, and prayers during your quiet time with the Lord. 

How to Start A Bible Study Journal

Starting your own journal for Bible study is actually very easy. Really all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper to write out your thoughts as you study God’s Word.

However, there are some fun ways to make your bible journaling a little more creative and fun!

I recommend using a simple spiral notebook or a 3-ring binder that you can get at the Dollar Store or Walmart. There are many different ways that you can set up your journal for Bible study. 

How to Bible Journal in a Notebook

If you are the kind of person that likes to sit down with your Bible and pen, without any extra printables or frills, a simple spiral Bible journal notebook would be best for you. I like to begin each day’s notes on a new page. Simply scribble the date in the header section and start writing. 

How to Bible Journal in a Binder

Now, if you like all the pretty Bible journal templates, stickers, and fancy pens a Bible study binder may be best for you. Binders usually come with more pocket space to hold your accessories and pages can be added and removed easily.

Create Your Own Bible Study Journal

Bible Study Journal Ideas and Methods

Just like there are tons of resources for designing and making your own Bible study journal, there are also many different methods of Bible study. How you set up your journal and write out your notes will depend on the method you use. Here is a list of a few different Bible study methods.

Bible Study Journal Templates and Worksheets

There are lots of free Bible journaling templates and printable study guides available to you here at Megan Allen Ministries. Here are some great Bible study journal pdf’s for you to check out.

  • Bible Study Printables – Check out the resource library of free Bible study printables.
  • Bible Study Worksheets Kits – Get these free Bible Study Worksheets Kits. Each kit includes Bible study worksheets for different Bible study methods. Get the Topical, Character, and Chapter study kits.

Bible Study Worksheet Kits

  • Monthly Guided Bible Study Journal – Get the printable monthly reading plan. Each month has a different biblical topic with related daily scriptures readings. Sign up for the email list and get the reading plan with lots of extras delivered to your inbox each month.

Monthly Bible Reading Plan PDF

  • SOAP Bible Study Journal – Download and print out a few copies of this Praise SOAP journaling page to write down your thoughts from your daily readings. Click the pic below to download.

SOAP Bible Journaling Template

  • SOIL Method Journaling Template – The SOIL Method of Bible Study stands for Scripture, Observation, Interpretation, and Life Application. It’s basically a condensed version of the Inductive Bible Study Method. This is a great system to use for an in-depth study of 1-2 scriptures. I love to use this method of Bible journaling with verse mapping. Click the pic below to download.

SOIL Bible Study Journal Template

Get A Journaling Study Bible

There are some beautiful Bibles on the market today that are designed for crafty and artistic Bible study lovers. These Bibles give you lots of extra space for illustrating and note-taking. Here are a couple that I recommend.

  • ESV Journaling Bible – The ESV Journaling Bible is perfect keeping a journal of your spiritual life right inside the Bible that you read and study every day.

  • NIV, Journal the Word Bible – The NIV Journal Bible allows you to creatively express yourself every day. It gives you lots of room for notes or art next to your favorite verses.

Find More Bible Study Journal Templates and Worksheets

Here are even more resources and Bible study journal templates for you to check out.

Additional Resources for Your Journal

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