Devotion: The Naomi Experience

The Bible is a collection of lessons relevant until tomorrow and necessary for human existence. If we are to live successfully in today’s world, we should begin at the place of the Word. A study through the Book of Ruth reveals strong resonation with our modern life. 

If you’ve tasted the other side of life you will appreciate the encouragement from this story. Naomi and her family moved away from God’s provided place, Bethlehem, to the land of Moab. The Book of Ruth is about the journey from their fall in Moab to their restoration.

Have you wandered far? 

Christ forgave our sins when He said it is FINISHED (John 19:30) 

Naomi and her family had wandered far off. Naomi lost everything- home, husband, children, family, livelihood you name it.

But something revived Naomi’s broken spirit- good news from home. 

God had been faithful to her people as he had promised.

That good news of a divine visitation gave her the courage to pack her bags. Everything she had labored for long all these years vanished before her eyes.

Have you wandered away?

Do you feel lost in His presence?

Our Heavenly Father waits for you to come home. There is healing and restoration for your soul in His presence.

He is ever faithful to his own.

If you are at this crossroad of decision valley, I remind you, home calls for you.

It is never too late to return to the Lord’s place. We all wander at some time knowing we can come home is the hope we hold

Have you lost everything to life?

Do you feel emptied by trials?

Emptiness is a hard place to be. Sometimes we need to realize how empty we are without His presence in our lives. Sad but true, it took emptiness for Naomi to come home (Ruth 1:21).

Where did Naomi and her family miss it?

Her family made a choice to leave at the time of famine. But Bethlehem is the house of bread”. They left for Moab instead of remaining in Bethlehemjudah (Ruth 1:1). 

Family decisions are tough and even tougher now given the present situation of the world. Sin boldly makes a statement in all ramifications of life. We can’t afford to make life decisions based on our feelings or thoughts. 

Hard truth is, we ought to seek God’s Will for our lives.

What more does Naomi’s experience teach us?

Tough situations will reveal who our true friends are. Naomi’s friendship with Ruth was strong enough to help them overcome life trials Ruth 1:17-18. Sisters are beautiful. 

It is high time we pray for godly friends

Ruth was an emotional and physical support for Naomi.

Not many of us have the courage to move past our losses, mistakes, meltdowns and past. This old widow embraces her struggles and continues in hope despite the hopelessness that looms. She finds strength trusting God’s providence as she continues to mentor her young widowed daughter-in-law. 

What does Naomi teach us about struggling well?                 

Naomi never stopped looking out for Ruth (Ruth 2:22, and 3:1). In fact she took her as a daughter (Ruth 2:2). Hard seasons provide us a way to pour hope into the life of others.                                           

Restoration will come. The celebration is not limited to Naomi’s household. The whole community came to celebrate (Ruth 4:13).   The hope we have is joy will come in the morning. The night doesn’t ever last forever. Get ready for the morning.

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