ifs and yes's

A look of defeat forms on her sweet face. The thought comes to my mind..

 …have I been putting too much pressure on her lately?

“Sweetie, do you feel like mommy has been asking too much from you?”

She looks up at me, her eyes filling mine with the overwhelming answer.

I knew instantly her reaction was genuine. I knew it because I felt the undeniable sense of the Lord’s conviction.

I had been expecting far too much of her over the past few weeks, and I had not been giving her the assurance that she was, unknowingly, desperately seeking.

She nods her head as the tears start streaming down her cheek. I pull her close as I feel the warm moisture begin to flood my own.

It’s a moment I despise, yet cherish at the same time. The emotion pierces my heart to its core, yet gratitude rises from the wound. I loathe the fact that I’ve caused her to feel this way, yet I’m thankful the Lord opened my eyes to its truth.

As a mom, I want to find a healthy balance in showing my conditional and my unconditional approval towards my children.

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