Should we really get back to normal? This is a question I’ve been pondering quite a bit lately.

I’ve talked with many friends over the past few weeks since the c-virus has hit. Some have said the pace of life has hit an unfading yellow light. 

Then, I’ve talked with other friends who feel that their pace of life now matches the speed of a freight train.

Either way, we all have one thing in common. 

Life has changed.

For some, life has changed drastically. There has been a lot of talk lately about when things will be able to get back to normal. I think this is a good thing to consider but, it would also be crazy for us to not consider the wisdom these past few weeks offer us.

Personally, I feel like a pause button has been pushed on much of my life. It’s helped me realized the things that are truly important to me. There are things that I miss, but there’s also a whole lot that I don’t.

What I Miss

Here are some of the things that I miss.

Warm hugs 

Yes, Olaf and I are buds. I just miss being able to hug my friends! This is one of those small things I have taken for granted in the past. Not anymore!

Corporate worship times at church

I’m so thankful for modern technology that has allowed us to stream services online. And I have been enjoying church with family from the living room. 


I miss Jerry declaring his AMENS during the sermon. Nick raising his voice next to us as we sing together. The front two pews full of all the youth kids. Julie and Kimber lifting their hands in praise to our Savior. Aaron on the violin.  Jarvis greeting everyone by name at the front door. Karen’s smiling face in the lobby. I miss my people!

Going to the park with my kids.

This one actually surprises me. A couple of months ago, when the kids would ask to go to the park, dread would begin to rise. Just one more thing. 

As time has gone on without our park days, I’ve found that I miss watching their smiles as they climb and swing and slide. I miss eavesdropping on their conversations with new friends. I miss this one simple thing that I know means so much to them.

What I Don’t Miss

And… here are a few things I don’t miss.

Having to get out of the house every. single. day. 

Like, seriously?!? Why did I do this to myself? I’m absolutely loving more time at home and not having to get ready, get kids ready, and get out of the house constantly. Enough of this!

Talking with lots of people every week but not really connecting with any of them.

Ever have those moments (especially after church on Sundays), when you spend some time talking with someone, then five minutes later you completely forget what was just discussed? For me, it’s usually because I’m so distracted by watching out for the ten other people I need to ‘connect’ with before I can move on to the next thing. This is a horrible way to cultivate deeper relationships – and I’m so guilty. 

Hurrying to one place, just to get to the next.

“Less is best!” This is the new mantra I’m adopting. I’m so tired of busyness and cramming as much activity I can fit into each day without any breathing space. 

I love how these past few months have forced me to slow down.

What I’m now enjoying.

More time at home. Zoom Bible studies from the comfort of my living room. Hanging out in my yard with a book. Evening walks before bedtime. Teaching my kids how to play Catan. Slow and simple.

get back to normal

So, am I ready to get back to normal? 


I’m ready to REDEEM my normal – to take back some things I’ve lost. It’s time for my normal to take on a new appearance. 

I have been evaluating my commitments with the intention of not allowing many of them back into my normal daily routine.

I shared a while back how the Lord convicted me that my ‘yes’ always means ‘no’.

So, I’m choosing to say no to rushing so I can say yes to resting.

No to activity, yes to real community.

No to constant events, yes to family.


Are you ready to get back to normal?
Or, like me, are you ready to redeem your normal?