One of the greatest ways for us to effect change within our circumstances and relationships is by talking to God about them. Strategic prayer is a powerful way for us to involve God’s kingdom work in and among our lives and the lives of others. 

Having a place to write down specific prayer points is crucial for praying strategically.  Here are some ideas for how to make a prayer binder at home

Make sure to watch the video tutorial at the bottom of this post where I show you how I set up my own prayer notebook.

How to Set Up a Prayer Binder

Before you can create your own prayer binder (also referred to as a war binder), there are some materials you will need to gather

Pick Your Size

So the first thing you will need a binder. I have tried many different sizes. Currently, I’m using a regular 8.5×11 size 3-ring binder. I’m considering switching back to A5 size

Why I love letter size

  • Lots of space to write
  • Paper materials are easy to find and use
  • Easy to file away to review at a future date

Why I love A5 size

  • Portable – easy to carry around with me
  • Lots of cute and fun accessories 

So use a size that you think will work best for you.

Gather Your Materials

Along with your actual binder, there are some other materials you will want to get together.


You will want some dividers. I have 2 main dividers that I like to use. I break these two sections down into subcategories using sticky tabs. I’ll explain this more in a sec.

Sticky Tabs

Sticky tabs are very helpful to break down your main sections into categories or specific prayer points.


There are tons of other fun accessories you can use to decorate, color, and journal in your prayer binder.

How to Organize a Prayer Notebook

Also, before assembling your prayer binder, you want to consider the different components you want to be included in your prayer strategy.

Steps for how to make a prayer binder

Consider Your Long-Term and Short Term Prayers

Before you assemble your prayer binder, think through the specific areas that you want to be praying for on a long-term and short-term basis. Here are some ideas:

Long-Term Prayers

  • Prayers for the lost
  • Prayers for you Pastor and leaders
  • Prayers for government
  • Prayers for your marriage
  • Prayers for your children

Short-Term Prayers

  • Requests of others
  • Things on your mind
  • Current events in the world
  • Specific circumstances within your relationships with others
  • Praise and thanksgiving

Prayer Journal Sections

There are many different ways you can break up the different sections of your prayer binder. Here is an overview of how I like to set up mine.

Praise and Declaration – 1st Divider

So the first section is my “declaration and praise” area. This is where I write out scriptures or song lyrics that I like to use to declare over myself or my family. I also have some other printouts of things that I’ve been given.

Long Term and Short Term Prayers – 2nd Divider

The second divider is my main prayer section and where I keep track of both my long-term and short-term prayers.

1st page – The first page in this section is for long-term prayers for my family. I pray over this list every day!

2nd page – The second page is where I keep track of the short-term prayers that I’m praying for that specific month. I also pray for this every day. Each month has a new page divided into 5 sections:

  • Requests of others
  • For my family
  • Things on my mind
  • Current events
  • Answered prayer

Get this free printable prayer journal pdf which includes each of these five sections on a single page. You can choose page/week or page/month options.

Printable Prayer Journal

New Sub-Section – This next part is where I keep track of all other long term prayer points. I have 5 smaller tabs that represent a day of the week, Mon-Fri. Within each of these sub-sections I have specific lists I pray over on each specific day. After I’ve prayed through all the things I pray for daily, I flip to whatever day of the week it is and pray over the things in that section.

  • Monday – Prayer for the lost
  • Tuesday – Prayer for my ministry
  • Wednesday- Prayer for Pastors and leaders
  • Thursday – Prayer for government
  • Friday – Prayer for missionaries

Prayer Journal Example: Check out this video where I show you how I set up my prayer journal.

More Resources for How to Make a Prayer Binder

Here are some more great resources to help you create your own prayer binder.

Prayer Journal Templates and Printables

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