Lydia in the Bible – 3 Important Lessons from Her Life

What can we learn from the story of Lydia in the Bible

If someone were to describe you and your attributes in a few words, what would they say?  Would they highlight your personality, your physical features, or maybe your profession?  Maybe they would focus on your unique talents or experiences that make you stand out.  

Scripture is full of snapshots of characters that were important to the movement of the gospel.  Sometimes we get more details than others.  In other cases, we find small, discrete discussions that give us glimpses into their lives.  It is in these studies, as we lean in, look, and listen, that we find truths that can transform the way we live.  Such is the case with Lydia.

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Why was Lydia Important in the Bible?

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Lydia of Thyatira was a woman of God found in a few verses of the New Testament book of Acts. Though to the reader she may seem insignificant, her life, like all of us, held tremendous worth.  God had a plan for her intersection with those in the early beginnings of the early church.  It is in just a few verses of Scripture we see why Lydia was important in the Bible.

Lydia Was a Successful Business Woman

Our initial introduction to Lydia is seen in Acts 16.  Here we read,  

“One who heard us was a woman named Lydia, from the city of Thyatira, a seller of Tyrian purple goods…” (Acts 16:15, ESV)

Lydia was in the city of Philippi, a Roman colony when her life intersected with the apostle Paul.  Philippi was a leading city of that district of Macedonia. Most likely we discover that she had crossed the Mediterranean Sea and was part of the bustling economy found in the region of Philippi where she was a trader and seller of fine fabrics and linens.

Purple dye was considered the richest fabric one could possess at the time. It would have taken a certain amount of skill to negotiate prices, trade goods, and keep inventory moving.  Lydia would have worked hard to establish this business sense.  As a result, she was known and respected in the community. 

Lydia Was a Follower of Christ

One of the characteristics highlighted in this passage is that 

“…Lydia was a worshiper of God….” (Acts 16:15, ESV)

Prior to her encounter with Paul, who happened to be on his second missionary journey, Lydia had been introduced to who God was.  Despite her busy lifestyle as a businesswoman, she honored the Sabbath day and was among a group of women that would gather at a place of prayer.  When she heard Paul’s message, Lydia took the steps necessary to practice spiritual disciplines that spoke of her faith in God.  She was willing and ready to accept all that the Word of God had to offer her and because of these rhythmic practices, she was blessed. Lydia was the first convert in Philippi.

Lydia Shared the Gospel

Lydia didn’t keep the good news to herself.  She shared this truth with the waiting and watching world.  Upon hearing and believing Lydia 

“…was baptized, and her household as well…” (Acts 16:15, ESV)

Lydia was so moved by the work of God and the Holy Spirit in her life she didn’t want to contain it.  She took the hope and joy she found and shared it with those closest to her, the members of her household, and they also believed.  This commitment to those she loved showed her understanding of the gospel’s purpose-to share it with others.

Lydia understood the that God loved her deeply and she could share that with others.  For further reflection on this strength, you may enjoy reading “She is Clothed with Strength and Dignity”

Do Your Own Bible Study of Lydia

If you would like to do your own study of Lydia in the Bible, make sure you grab the character Bible study worksheet kit. These worksheets will help you do your own study of this amazing woman of faith.

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Lessons from Lydia in the Bible

As women of God, we learn a number of important lessons from these few verses about Lydia in the Bible.  

Our Identity is Found in Jesus 

We can often struggle in finding our identity as wives, moms, daughters, career women, and friends.  Success can seem like the ultimate gain.  Well-behaved children or a thriving marriage can become an idol.  But when we look at the life of this God-fearing woman, we see a different story.

Lydia, despite her great success, quietly focused on lasting priorities.  She put her hope and focus on Christ and was able to be identified as a daughter of the King

Your Past Never Needs to Determine Your Future

Because there is so little we know about Lydia, we don’t know exactly what her past looked like.  However, we do know that she came from wealth and a culture that valued riches and affluence.  While it is not clear, we can assume that Lydia was influenced by some degree by the cultural climate in which she frequented.  However, she was a Gentile worshiping the Jewish God.  Her past, however, was not an indicator of her future.

Lydia’s past became a catalyst to her future with Christ.  She was in Philippi and was able to attend a prayer meeting which ultimately led to a greater understanding of the gospel.  This led to, not only Lydia’s conversion but also, the salvation of her entire household. Historians often credit Lydia as being one of the first converts of the gospel after Christ ascended to heaven. This testament of faith allows us to see the power of the work of God and that He redeems anyone willing to submit to Him.

Hospitality Can be a Powerful Catalyst for Sharing the Gospel

We see in this passage that the church began to meet in Lydia’s house. She was willing to open her home to others.  When we are willing to welcome others into our own house, we open ourselves up to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ freely and practically.  Lydia’s home was opened to Paul and his companions. 

While this may seem like the end of Lydia’s story, this one act was the beginning of encouragement by Lydia for others.  Further in Acts 16, we read that after Paul and Silas were released from prison 

“…they visited Lydia. And when they had seen the brothers, they encouraged them and departed.” (Acts 16:40, ESV)

Lydia’s life and hospitality provided encouragement and fellowship amongst believers as the message of God continued to be shared around the world.

Our lives determine how others view the name of Jesus Christ.  Above all she did, Lydia shared the faith she found in Christ with her world.  This woman of influence and reputation is an encouraging example of how our lives can be a testament to God and His love.  When we seek Him, there is no telling how His work through us will impact others for the kingdom.

Lydia in the Bible

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