A monthly Bible reading plan is a great way to stay connected to God’s Word each day!

Download Your Free 2024 Monthly Bible Reading Plan

This Monthly Bible reading will guide you through different topics in God’s Word each month. All you need is your Bible, an open heart, and 15 minutes a day. Download your free Bible reading plan PDF’s below. Print them out or use them in your favorite notebook app.

One Year of Bible Reading Plan PDF’s

Monthly Bible Reading Plan PDF

Use these monthly printable reading plans to explore different topics in the Bible.

Each month has a daily reading of powerful scriptures that relate to the month’s topic.

Click the links below to download your free plan!

Each month has a different theme to help you study different topics in the Bible.

Learn more about how to use the SOIL and SOAP Methods of Bible study. Both of these methods work very well with the Bible reading plan and take about 15 minutes a day. Watch the video below to learn more.

You can also join the email community and get the reading plans plus lots of other great resources delivered to your inbox each month!

What’s Included:

  • Printable Reading Plan
  • Printable Scripture Cards
  • Printable Journaling Pages
  • Screen Savers
Monthly Bible Reading Plan


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