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Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here.

Maybe you are just beginning your relationship with the Lord and wanting to grow in your knowledge of His Word. Or perhaps, you have been a Christian for many years but are at a point where you are craving a deeper connection with God through strategic prayer and personal Bible study. Maybe you are just in a hard place and needing some encouragement.

Does any of this describe you?

Welcome, friend! You’ve come to the right place.

The goal here at Megan Allen Ministries is to encourage and equip Christian women, like you, to abide in God’s Word.

Abide: to remain stable or fixed in a state, to continue in a place

A Few Things to Get You Started…

Get A Simple, Yet Effective Bible Reading Plan

If you are a busy woman who struggles to find the time to get in the Word each day, this Monthly Bible Reading Plan is perfect for you! Each month focuses on a new topic with related daily scripture readings. This reading plan is also great to use with the SOAP method of Bible study. Make a meaningful connection with the Lord in 15 minutes or less!

Get the Printable Monthly Reading Plan
Monthly Bible Reading Plan PDF

Use Scripture to Create Your Own Prayer Strategy

Using scripture to form the foundation of your prayers is a powerful and effective way to pray. Get some tips for making your own prayer strategy. Also, find ideas and resources for assembling a prayer binder.

Learn to Study the Bible for Yourself

Are you ready to dig deeper into God’s Word? The Inductive Method of Bible study is designed to guide you through an in-depth journey of the scriptures. Not only does this method take you deep, but it also teaches you a process of studying the Bible for yourself through observation, interpretation, and application. 

Make sure to download this free printable inductive study guide of John chapter 1 which is designed to walk you through each step of this process as you study.

Here are some more articles to read about Inductive Bible Study.

Girls In the Word – Online Bible Study Community

We would love to have you join us in our Girls in the Word Facebook group. This is a place for God’s girls to come together to study and discuss God’s word. Our weekly Bible studies include free printable resources, engaging discussion questions, fun Bible games, encouraging devotions, and some great participation incentives. Learn more about our current study and get the free resources.

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Monthly Bible Reading Plan
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