I first learned about the Praise SOAP method of Bible study when I began attending my church back in 2015. The first Bible study I joined was with our pastor’s wife (who has become very dear to me). At the end of our first week together, she took a few minutes to explain this method to the women in our group.

I have always loved using the Inductive Bible Study Method. I love how it forces you to dig deep into God’s Word. However, it does demand quite a bit of time.

Soon after that first Bible study with my pastor’s wife, I found out that I was pregnant with our third child.

I was tired. A LOT! Not to mention the fact that we just moved to a new state, new church, new community…and we were in the process of buying and building our new home.

So, this was a time that I needed to put the Inductive method aside and use something that didn’t demand as much time. During this season, the Praise SOAP method of Bible Study was such a blessing.

soap method of bible study

What is the SOAP Method of Bible Study?

You may have heard of the SOAP method. This approach has become fairly common. The SOAP method of Bible study is a great way to make a meaningful connection with God each day.

SOAP is an acronym for Scripture – Observation – Application – Prayer.

My pastor’s wife adds an extra component which I think is crucial for making that meaningful connection with the Lord.

It’s Praise!

How to Use the Praise SOAP Bible Study Method

I suggest getting a spiral notebook or a binder with loose lined paper. 

Keep it close to your Bible or somewhere where you can access it easily throughout your day.

Write the letters S.O.A.P.P down the margin of your page. Read a chapter or a few verses in the Bible. Then, choose one or two verses to focus on.

S – Scripture

S is for Scripture. Simply write down the reference of your focused scripture. I will sometimes write the verse out as it is written. Writing it out helps me to memorize the verse and helps to keep my mind fixed on the scripture throughout my day.

O – Observation

O is for Observation. In this step, you are asking the question “What does it say?”. For this section write out the verse in your own words. Consider the context by reading a few verses that come before and after.

A – Application

A is for Application. This step is where you ask yourself “What does it mean to me?”. How would the Lord have you apply this passage to your life?

Application Questions to Consider when using the Praise SOAP Bible Study Method:

  • Are there any promises to cling to?
  • Is there any sin to confess?
  • Any commands or warnings to follow?
  • Does the text reveal anything about the character or nature of God?

P – Pray

This first P is for Pray. How can you use this verse to form a prayer for yourself or for another? Praying scripture is a powerful way to pray!

P – Praise

Last, but certainly not least, the second P is for Praise! What truth does this verse reveal that you can praise the Lord for? Sometimes you may need to ponder more deeply. I believe that every passage of scripture has the ability to cause praise to rise in us.

An Example of How to Use the Praise SOAP Method of Bible Study

Scripture – Philippians 1:12-13“Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel. 13 As a result, it has become clear throughout the whole palace guard and to everyone else that I am in chains for Christ.” NASB

Observation – The result of Paul’s imprisonment was the advancement of the gospel to those within the palace guard and others throughout the region.

Application – God can use the trials and tribulations I go through to advance the gospel and His kingdom.

Prayer – Lord, would you please help my friend to endure through this hard circumstance she is facing. Help her to know that you are with her and can use this trial for her good and the good of others. Use this time in her life to glorify Yourself.

Praise – God I am so thankful that you don’t waste my trials! You are able to work ALL THINGS together for Your good purposes.

SOAP method of Bible Study