Hi there sweet friend,

I debated as to whether or not I should write this. Since I have not personally battled with infertility, it feels strange and somewhat inappropriate that I would speak to you about it.

All I know is that you have been on my heart and I hope the words I share convey it’s proper sentiment.

Along with others, you may have seen my recent pregnancy announcement.

However, your reaction may have differed from the congratulatory and joyful remarks I received from many.

I have experienced a certain measure of heartache. Yet, I have not walked your journey – I will not pretend to know or understand the emotions that assault your soul.

I just want you to know that my heart breaks for you when I attempt to imagine the effects of these feelings.

I imagine that you try desperately to hold back tears of anger.

I imagine that you cry out to the Lord and wonder why His blessing is blossoming in the lives of those around you while you are left standing in the shadows of sorrow.

How I wish there were words I could share to offer you comfort.

There are probably many things I could say – but I won’t. You have probably already heard everything there is to say and I know there are no words I could offer to ease the pain and sadness you feel.

There are many scriptures I could quote about trusting in God’s plan and timing and that He works all things out for good – but I won’t. You probably know them all and have their soundtrack playing continually in your mind.

If I could wish to do anything for you, it would be to jump through this screen and give you a big hug. To just sit silently with you and let you cry on my shoulder. To take your hand in mine and hold it in an embrace that says “I’m so sorry you’re hurting”.

Sometimes life is just hard. It’s unfair. We drive ourselves crazy trying to make sense of all the things we don’t understand.

Please know that I am whispering a prayer to God asking Him to comfort you – that He would gently remind you that He loves you and has not forgotten you.

I am praying that He grants the desire of your heart, and until the moment He does, that He would grant you His peace.

Please know, precious one, that you are loved… deeply.

<3 Megan