A couple weeks ago, a certain detail of my former life (before Christ) made an attempt to sneak its way into the new. I won’t go into details. It’s an ugly part of my past, which unfortunately was self-induced through a series of lies and bad choices. It is something that I confessed and surrendered at the feet of Jesus years ago. Something I didn’t expect to rear its ugly head ever again.

But it did. With its appearing also came a familiar pain. It’s a pain that has, many times, caused me to question and doubt my identity and value in Him.

The name of the pain is shame.

Shame is ruthless and unrelenting.

It causes us to re-examine the promises that breathe the truth of who we are and what He has done for us. It tells us that our stains could never possibly be removed. That forgiveness is not within our reach. That we are destined to live forever soiled with guilt and humiliation. That the purpose and meaning of our lives has become rotten and spoiled.

Shame causes us to doubt. It causes faith to hesitate. It causes confidence to stumble. Trust to swerve and hope to falter.


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