Women of the Bible Study

There is much we can glean as we study the different women in the Bible. The closer we gaze into their stories the more we realize that their lives weren’t that much different than ours.

The pages of scripture reveal women throughout the generations who exemplified great faith. We also see that they struggled with doubt, fear, and heartache. We see how they fumbled in their faith and lingered in their wanderings.

However, we also see the amazing faithfulness of God! His grace and goodness are woven throughout their trials and triumphs.

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Bible Study of 8 Women in the Bible

This Bible study walks through the lives of 8 different women of the Bible. I pray the Lord uses this study to cultivate and increase your knowledge of Him.

Here are the names of the women in the Bible covered in this study:

  1. Eve – Genesis 2-4:1
  2. Rachel – Genesis 29-30
  3. Rahab – Joshua 2, Matthew 1:1-25, James 2:18-26
  4. Deborah – Judges 4-5
  5. Hannah – 1 Samuel 1-2:11
  6. Martha – Luke 10:38-42, John 11:1-45
  7. Lydia – Acts 16:1-14
  8. Mary Magdalene – Luke 8:1-3, John 19:23-27, John 20:1-18


Eve in the Bible is one of the most famous women in Christianity and the world. Her life has been an example giving guidance on what not to do. But who is she really? What can we learn from her story beyond her failure?


The account of Rachel is full of love and jealousy. Jacob loved Rachel more than any of his other wives, but he had to work 14 years to get her hand in marriage. That’s true dedication! We see a beautiful, selfless love story evolve as we read the story of Rachel in the Bible.


The Israelites were encamped on the opposite side of the Jordan River. Across the other side was the land that God had promised to give them. Joshua sent two spies over into the land to scope out the city of Jericho. Once they arrived in the city, they met a woman named Rahab. Her life and story would be known throughout the future generations. 


Deborah was a woman of inspiration. She was a child of God who not only listened to Him but also did what He asked. She was a woman we can all be inspired by and learn from.


Hannah loved God with all her heart and soul. 

In the Bible, we learn a little about her and her story. Not about her outward beauty (which wasn’t mentioned) but about the quiet dignity she possessed. She was open and honest in her emotions and saw God come through on her behalf over and over again. She shows us what true motherhood is all about by lovingly sacrificing what she asked God for. She shows Christian women all over the world the power of prayer and faith.


Ever been so caught up with a project that you forgot the real reason you started it? Martha in the Bible would relate to you. It’s natural to want everything to be perfect, but we have to put it in proper perspective, nothing is ever perfect.


The Bible enables us to gaze upon of characters that were important to the movement of the gospel.  Sometimes we get more details than others.  In other cases, we find small, discrete discussions that give us glimpses into their lives.  It is in these studies, as we lean in, look, and listen, that we find truths that can transform the way we live.  Such is the case with Lydia.

Mary Magdalene

It’s not recorded in scripture how Mary united with Jesus and the disciples. All we know is she was healed by Him and began to follow. What we do know is that she was a woman of faithfulness and generosity. She gave up her way of living for Jesus. She was so grateful for what He had done that she lived for Him. We need to follow in her footsteps.

Women of the Bible Printable PDF

Use this Women of the Bible printable to do your own study of the lives of these women. There is plenty of space provided for you to write out your notes and observations. 

You’ll also find study questions to help you ponder the significance of specific events and circumstances within each woman’s story. 

Finally, each story includes application questions designed to assist you in discovering how you can apply each story to your own life and walk with the Lord.

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