Devotion: The Works of True Significance

So the last shall be first, and the first, last. – Matthew 20:16

I love all of the great friends that God has given me! And I love all the great conversations we often find ourselves in!

I was visiting one today and we began talking about the fear of insignificance.

We as Christians just want to live a life that creates an impact on God’s kingdom. We want to live a life that matters to Him. We want to hear the words “well done, good and faithful servant”.

Yet, I think when we all get to heaven we may be surprised by the works the Lord considered significant and the works He didn’t.

Sharing God’s Word with 10,000 may not have been as significant as sharing it with that one woman, that one time, who seemed to not hear a single word you said.

Providing food for an entire community may not have been as significant as giving that disabled man a cup of coffee.

The Lord healing your cancer may not have been as significant as others witnessing your joy and hope in the midst of it.

Making sure that your children memorize a different scripture each week may not have been as significant as you living out those truths in front of them.

I think we all have ideas in our minds of what it would mean for us to make our mark in God’s kingdom.  Something that touches the lives of multitudes; something that we can watch bear fruit; something GREAT!

Yet, so often it’s the small acts that we usually don’t give a second thought to that are those which truly matter. The things that the wisdom of this would consider trivial and meaningless but are of great importance to God.

The secret is to remain in Him. To invest each moment in obedience and sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading. To ask Him to guide us into the works which were prepared beforehand for us to walk in – and trust that He will… and that He is.


Lord, help me to remember that the little things that can often seem so insignificant are often what make the greatest impacts in Your kingdom. Help me to live today, and every day, with a sensitivity to the leading and promptings of Your Spirit. Help me to trust that You will lead me into the works that You have prepared for me. Obedience to You is how I will make the greatest impact in this world for Your kingdom.

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