The word ‘dwelt’ in John 1:14 “the word became flesh and dwelt among us”, actually means ‘tabernacled’. Isn’t that awesome?  In the Old Testament, the tabernacle was where God chose to place His presence – in the form of a cloud by day and fire by night. The birth of Jesus signifies that God had, once again, placed His presence among His people. Here are some advent devotions for families to use to celebrate and remember the coming of our Lord and Savior.

Advent Devotionals, Books, and Printables for Your Family

Like so many other things, I believe we should be intentional in how we celebrate this season of advent. Here are some well-known and well-loved advent devotionals, printables, and resources to help your family create a meaningful time of remembrance.

The Sparkle Box

The sparkle box has become one of our favorite family traditions. This is a beautiful story about a boy who discovers ways to give the right kinds of gifts to Jesus on His birthday. A sparkle box is included for your family so you have a gift to give Jesus on Christmas morning. This is a project you want to start early in the month so you have time to fill your box with gifts.

Jotham’s Journey 4-Book Advent Series

My kids and I will finish up this series this year. Each book focuses on the Christmas story from the perspective of four different children and their journey to meet their Savior. The story builds as you read each of the daily readings during the advent season. The back of each book includes a family advent calendar that shows you what day to begin each year.

Jesse Tree Advent Devotions and Printables for Families

Jesse Tree teaches children about the family tree of Jesus. It is named from the first verse in Isaiah 11 which says, “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse.” 

There are many different ways to create your Jesse Tree. Basically, you construct an advent tree out of paper, felt, or similar material, then make daily ornaments that are designed to represent the daily bible readings. You can also purchase pre-made ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree. 

Here are some great Jesse Tree resources.

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp

This beautiful book has daily devotions and illustrations from Voskamp, downloadable ornaments, daily readings, discussion questions, and activities for your family. This is a great resource for your family to use year after year.

Jesse Tree Ornaments: Advent Coloring Activities and Craft Projects for Kids with Bible Stories for the Jesse Tree Symbols

This kit includes paper ornaments for your kids to color and a pattern to cut out a tree from construction paper. This resource is great for families with younger kids.

DIY Jesse Tree Ornament Kit for Advent 

This ornament kit provides ornaments that are more durable for storing and using year after year. These would be great to use on your Christmas tree. (Tree is not included).

Names of God – Free Printable Reading Plan for Advent Devotions

The names of God are important for us to know and understand because the names of God reveal His nature. As we learn about God’s nature, we also discover the nature and character of Jesus. They are one. Reading scripture about the different names of God is a great way to celebrate advent.

Get your free Names of God Printable Bible Reading Plan for Advent.

Monthly Bible Reading Plan

Other Places to Find Advent Printables and Resources

Here are some other blogs and websites I’ve found that have more great resources to check out.

  • Alonda Tanner has a great list of 25 books to read aloud during Advent. These books are great to read with the family as you ponder the true meaning of Christmas.
  • A Mother Far From Home has a free advent devotional for moms and kids using the Jesus Storybook Bible
  • Confessions of a Homeschooler has a free Jesse Tree printable. The download includes the Jesse Tree printable ornaments, as well as a daily reading schedule starting on December 1st and running through December 24th. 
  • My Jesse Tree has great information and resources about trees, ornaments (including printable ornaments), symbols, and daily readings.

Advent Devotions for Your Family

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