Do you struggle to memorize scripture and understand certain biblical concepts? I do. There are some great free Bible games that are great for helping us memorize and understand scripture. 

Plus, BONUS, they are a lot of fun!

I’ve gathered a list of fun online and printable Bible games that are great for the whole family!

What Are Bible Games?

Bible games are any game or challenge that helps us to know and understand biblical truth and concepts. They come in multiple formats. They can be used for personal use or in groups. Some of my favorites are Bible trivia and word puzzles. I’ve also even seen some fun Bible escape room games and scavenger hunts!

Below you will find some great free resources. There are lots of places to find a variety of Bible games online for kids, adults, and groups.

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Free Bible Games for Adults

Here are some great games that are geared more towards adult players. However, they would be great to get your older kids participating too.

Bible Trivia

Like trivia? Check out these great free Bible quiz games and trivia.

  • This is a fun Bible Trivia game where everyone is involved at the same time. As players take turns to answer questions the other players can score points by guessing whether the answer is right or wrong. Younger players, and those who don’t know the Bible as well, can score points and enjoy the game while learning more.
  • This site has some fun true or false Bible games for different characters and chapters in the Bible.

Bible Bingo

Bingo is another fun game for groups. Gather some friends, grab your coffee and get one of these great bingo games.

Bible Word Puzzles for Adults

There are lots of great Bible crossword puzzle games that I was able to find. Here are a few different sites to check out for Bible puzzle games.

If you enjoy doing crossword puzzles, you may also enjoy making your own. Puzzlemaker is a great site for this. It will guide you, step by step, in how to make your own Bible crossword puzzle.

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Free Bible Games for Kids

Bible games are, in my opinion, one of the best ways to get your kids excited about memorizing scripture and learning more about the concepts and principles in God’s Word. Use these bible games to help your child know and understand God’s truth.

  • Bible Pathway Adventures has some great Bible Quiz and Bible activity books for kids. They have a wide selection of Bible activity books you can purchase, but they also have some great free Bible game options.
  • Bible Study Printables site has an amazing list of Bible Scavenger Hunt games for kids. Find games for indoors, outdoors, and for different seasons and holidays.
  • Sunday School Network teaches kids to follow Jesus. Get their list of free Bible games for kids.

More Bible Games and Printables

Free Bible Games

Here are some more Bible games and printables for you and your loved ones to enjoy! Some of these ones you will need to pay a small price for.

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