Best Devotionals for Women

Do you crave God’s Word?  Here are just a few of the best devotionals for women available today that are designed to help us feed on His Word consistently and faithfully. The Bible says that His word is life to us. It is bread to our souls. His truth is what sustains us. Strengthens us.

What is a Daily Devotional for Women?

A daily devotional is a time that you devote each day to intentionally cultivate your relationship with the Lord. The purpose of these daily devotionals is to fix our minds and heart in heavenly places. A women’s daily devotion is one geared towards helping women apply the scriptures to their lives. Popular topics include growing in faith, marriage, motherhood, and serving others.

As His daughters, we want to live each day for His purposes and His glory. The time we spend in His presence gives us the strength we need to walk in His ways.

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Best Daily Scripture Devotionals for Women

There are many daily devotional topics and resources out there. Here are a few books, apps, podcasts, and online daily devotionals for encouragement to consider.

Best Women’s Daily Devotional Apps

Devotional apps are becoming increasingly popular. They are practical, and accessible, and a lot of them are completely free! 

  • YouVersion Bible YouVersion Bible App is a great resource for all women. It has a variety of different reading plans and devotions written by many authors. You can find daily devotions for anxiety, peace, motherhood, marriage, leadership, and many other popular topics. 
  • First 5  First 5 is an app created by Proverbs 31 Ministries and designed to help you give your first 5 minutes of each day to the Lord and His Word. You can choose different reading plans, join a group, and connect with others. This is a great way to do a short daily devotional and give the Lord the first-fruits of today.
  • Dwell I just downloaded the Dwell app a few days ago and I’m already loving it. It’s an audio Bible. You can choose from different voices that you want to read the scriptures and different background music. For those who have a hard time reading through the Bible in a year, this may be a great option for you. Instead of reading through the Bible, listen to it. I have my Bible study time that I do early each morning. Later on, after the kids and I finish breakfast, I’ve been putting the daily reading on our Bluetooth speaker and we listen together as we get our morning chores done. It’s been a great way to set a peaceful and godly atmosphere in our home at the beginning of our day together. There is a catch with this one. It’s not free. You can get a 7-day trial, then it’s $27/year (totally worth it, in my opinion). I definitely encourage you to check this one out.

Best Devotional Books for Women

Some women love apps, and others prefer to have a physical book. I go back and forth. The apps are great and practical, but there’s nothing like holding a great devotional book in one hand and pens, highlighters, and pencils in the other. If you love to draw, illustrate, mark your Bible, and take notes as you do your devotions, an actual book may be the better option for you. Here are a few women’s devotional books and resources.

Best Daily Devotionals for Women

Lifeway Devotional

  • Lifeway has a great selection of daily devotional books that have a wide range of topics from many different authors. 
  • Unshakeable – Christine Caine – Unshakeable is a 365-day devotional for women seeking to find strength in God’s Word. No matter the circumstances you face today, God is bigger. Christine Caine is an anointed speaker and author who has encouraged many women through her powerful ministry.
  • Embraced – Lysa TerKeurst – Embraced includes 100 daily devotions to encourage women who need to know that God is near. Find the comfort and peace of God’s loving embrace.
  • Find RestShaunti Feldhahn – Find Rest is a devotional book is for the exhausted woman, worn out by the never-ending to do list. Taking care of the kids, the house, staying involved at church, and all the other things clamoring for her time and attention seem unending. Discover moments of life-sustaining rest for your weary soul.

Best Daily Devotionals Online

Online devotions are another great way to receive some free daily encouragement from God’s Word. Here are a few places online to find short powerful devotions for women.

  • Revive our Hearts is a podcast hosted by Nancy DeMoss Wolgamuth. She is one of my favorite Bible study teachers and authors. The purpose of her podcast is to encourage women of all ages and seasons of life. You can tune in every weekday on multiple different platforms for short, powerful devotions.
  • Proverbs 31 Ministries has daily devotions that they post on their site. These devotions are also written for women of all ages and seasons. You can subscribe to get their devotions delivered to your inbox each day. This is a great option to receive some daily encouragement.
  • iBelieve has a list of different devotionals that you can choose from and subscribe to. Along with devotions, they also include daily prayer options.

Best Daily Devotional Bibles for Women

Another great way to have a meaningful daily devotion is by using a devotional Bible. These are Bibles that include devotions and commentary with the scriptures.

  • Lucado Encouraging Word Bible – This Bible includes conversational notes, study tools, and short encouraging articles from well-known author, Max Lucado. This would be a great tool to use for your devotional time and also help you to study the scriptures more deeply.
  • Life Application Study Bible – The Life Application Study Bible has over 10,000 notes to help you understand the scriptures and apply them in practical ways. You can get this Bible in many different versions. When available, I always recommend the NASB because it is a word-for-word translation.
  • Daily Walk Bible – The Daily Walk Bible is designed to take you through the whole Bible in a year. Each daily reading includes a brief summary of the day’s reading and a short devotion.

Get the Free Monthly Bible Reading Plan

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Best Way to Do a Daily Devotional

While there are lots of different ways daily devotions can be done, they commonly include a time of Bible study, application, and prayer. There is no perfect or ‘right’ amount of time you should spend doing your daily devotions. The point is that you make a meaningful connection with the Lord each day.

Daily Prayer Devotional

Spending time in prayer is an important part of your devotional time. It’s good to have a strategic prayer plan. What are the things that you want to pray for daily? What are some scriptures that you can pray over those specific areas? Get a prayer journal and write them down. I’ve even found it helpful to write out specific prayers that I want to pray for consistently.

Daily Scripture Devotional

Reading some daily Bible verses, as I said above, is a critical component to your daily devotional time. Again, I’ve found it helpful to have a plan! Find a good Bible study guide, reading plan, or devotional book to help guide you through your time in the Word. 

Check out the free library of Bible study printables.

Women’s Devotional Journal

After spending some time in the Word, we need to prayerfully consider how the Lord would have us apply His truth to our lives. This step is so often overlooked. We can study and know God’s Word, but if we are not allowing it to change our lives, we are merely hearers and not doers. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to search our hearts, reveal areas of sin and disobedience, and turn towards godliness and righteousness. Especially when it’s hard to do so.

I’ve found the best way to apply His truth to my life is through journaling. Journaling allows us to write out what God has revealed. It’s also fun to go back through your journal and remember all the things God has shown you. Grab a pretty journal or a simple spiral notebook and start writing.

Summary of the Best Daily Devotionals for Women

Here is a quick summary of all the resources mentioned.

Best Women’s Daily Devotional Apps

Best Women’s Devotional Books

Best Daily Devotions Online

Best Daily Devotional Bibles

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