Free Printable Bible Verses

One of the best ways to meditate and memorize scripture is by keeping certain verses at the forefront of our minds. Printable Bible verses are a great way to keep God’s Word close to our hearts, and eyes, all day long! 

Free Printable Bible Verses 

Keep these free scripture printables nearby. Print them out and put them in your purse. Your planner. By the kitchen counter. Or even taped up on your bathroom mirror! Anywhere that you will see them multiple times throughout your day! 

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Printable Bible Verses About The Love of God

There is nothing we need to fear because God has promised to never leave or forsake us. No matter the circumstances we face in this life, we have God’s promises to cling to and the hope of heaven to look forward to. 

Scripture Cards about God’s love

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Printable Scriptures on the Character of God

As believers it’s important for us to know our Heavenly Father. We grow in our knowledge of Him as we read and meditate on scriptures that reveal His character. As we come to know Him more we can walk in greater faith; we gain a fuller understanding of His faithfulness and love.

Printable Bible Scriptures about God’s character.

Printable Bible Verses about Knowing God’s Word

We get to know God more as we study and apply His word to our lives. The Bible is God’s revelation to us. As we linger in the scriptures we become aquainted with the sound of His voice. Knowing God’s Word is a crucial component for a strong relationship with Him.

Printable Scripture Cards about knowing God’s word.

Printable Bible Verses About an Eternal Perspective

Life gets messy sometimes. In the moments when our trials and circumstances seem too overwhelming, it’s important to keep an eternal perspective. Keeping an eternal perspective simply means keeping our gaze fixed on eternal things. Christ has given us the hope of eternal life and glory. This is our future and final destination. All the trials and suffering we face in this life are only temporary.

Printable Scripture cards about keeping an eternal perspective.

Printable Scripture Cards About Grace

Grace simply means ‘unmerited favor’. Justice is getting what we deserve. Mercy is not getting what we deserve. Grace is getting what we don’t deserve. God poured out his love and grace by sending His Son to die in the place of our sin. He did this while we were still sinner and enemies against Him.

Printable Bible verses about God’s grace.

Printable Bible Verses About Waiting on the Lord

Raise your hand if you enjoy waiting…

I don’t either. Especially in our fast-paced society that wants everything now! However, the Bible teaches us to not despise waiting. God works while we wait on him. Waiting produces steadfastness and perseverance in our character. If forces us to place our hope in His sovereignty and timing.

Printable scripture about waiting on God.

Printable Bible Scriptures About the Power of the Gospel

I love how Paul describes the gospel in Romans 1. He says it’s the power of God for salvation for everyone who believes. The gospel message itself ignites salvation. It also reaveals the righteousness of God. It teaches us that a right relationship with God is not about keeping the works of the law, but rather about faith in Christ.

Printable Bible verses about the power of the gospel.

Printable Scriptures About Living in the Kingdom of God

Is the kingdom of God something that we will one day be a part of? It it just the realm of heaven where God lives? The Bible teaches that eternal life with God begins now. We have been given the indwelling Holy Spirit who grants us access to the presence of God right now. Life in God’s kingdom is not something we have to wait for. It’s a reality we enjoy and experience in the here and now.

Printable Bible verses about living in the Kindom of God.

Start meditating on and memorizing these verses, and others, today. Download your free printable Bible verses pdf below!

free printable bible verses

More Free Printable Bible Verses in PDF

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